• Design, production and maintenance of any kind of agriculture machines, spare parts or motors (harvesters, tractors, balers, cultivators, mowers, sprayers, tillers, spreaders, plows)
  • Water drilling for human needs or irrigation
  • Irrigation machine installation, water pumps
  • Trading with fertilizers
  • Trading with crops

Professionals with more than 30 years of experience deal in this business. Starting with 2 small shops in Bulgaria, now the company is famous with its world import/export parts, machines, and parts maintenance for different kind of agriculture machine brands. Parts production and mainly maintenance of parts range for all kind of brands. Our focus is also orientated in the service and maintenance, while producing replacement parts for different machines. We have our own water drilling machines and team of experienced drillers. Also we do from 0 the installation of water pumps, drainage during seasons and installation of irrigation machines. We sell, install and maintain anything about irrigation.



Now we trade with spare parts for Russian machines and spare parts for European and American machines, such as combine harvesters, cultivators, plows, pumps, spreaders, mowers, sprayers, tillers, irrigation equipment, tools, hoses and all about the milking machines. The company performs maintenance for each machine as well as provides spare parts to all agriculture machines and services to location. We offer recycling of machines and additional services by clients’ location fast reaction, delivery of parts on place. The company works in partnership with companies from Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Italy, Chez Republic, Spain, France, England, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania and Turkey.

We are project orientated and one of our recent activities was participating in few agriculture projects totally executed from us. Concentration was required over buying different land properties, project calculation about machines required for obtaining, in order to achieve the required time in farming. Brand diversification was reached in few of the projects, concentrating within the tractors’ horse power potential and land size, taking into account continental location, weather conditions, seasons, rain volume and soil hardness.

Last but not least, we have the possibility to project, obtain, install, fertilize, maintain, crop and trade corn, wheat and rapeseed as well as other agriculture crops for the needs of any client. Starting from land projecting, machine obtaining, passing by the water drilling, irrigation installation, fertilizing and crop trading is our main focus in the company, in order to get full satisfaction of any international or local clients.