Textile Industry

Design, marker-making, plotting and service maintenance of CAD CAM technology processes for textile industry

Completely different to most of our metal business areas is the CAD CAM service, provided from one of our companies. It is managed from professionals with 30 years of experience. The services are focused to the textile industry companies, where material is being saved during cutting.

The process starts with pattern of garments which has been ordinary drawn, based on a model, in order to be developed in digital format. Afterwards, grading the sizes is being set and produced on a thermo/normal paper in order to reduce textile fabrics. The different file formats are converted or used through our system, which easies and fastens the process of production. Systems we work with are:  Assyst, Gerber, Lektra, Optitex and Aama. File formats we use are: PLT, HPG, and HPGL.