Company Profile

The first family member registered а company, which was for operation, creation and preparation of the printing of a local newspaper called „ Zname” (Flag). Later the company has transformed its activity and developed arround Europe with production of wood products.

Another family member creates a company which was established in 1999 called „Rumont” which was operating with production and trade of spare parts for many type of agriculture machines. Mostly parts for tractors, harvesters and trails. Later it continued growing within the same area until reach of more than 1 million types of parts on stock for all type of machines used in agriculture, as well as additional equipment, dairy and livestock machinery. Today the company imports and exports many type of models of agriculture spare parts and also it sell new machines. It has grown in the irrigation area as well as in making water drilling up to 500m depth.

Another family member opened a company “Aaron” for Serving the Textile Industry Factories after 30 years of experience as General Production Manager in the another company.

The smallest family member united all those companies in one, in order to gain experience in trading. Her first start was in 2006 by selling all of the products from all 3 companies outside of Bulgaria. Later in 2012 a company for International trading was created with the name “Adora Trading”. Growing within the areas of businesses, Adora Trading started trading coffee and sunflower oil and wheat. But not also trading, it was participating as owner of other businesses and this brought the growth into one whole new group of companies called today “Adora I Group”.