We are growing, selecting, washing and roasting our coffee beans all done by hand, which labor is carefully controlled by Local and International Coffee Standards. All of our coffee is grown under the natural shade of trees in Chiapas Mountain of Mexico. The strictly organic way of farming and harvesting keeps the ecosystem in balance and the animals in the area are not affected at all. By avoidance of the conventional methods, usually used in coffee business, we don’t let any odour or flavouring oils to interact with our beans at any time.

“Farm to Cup Dedication”, means that we are involved in the process from planting to serving your cup of coffee: this brings to our customers superior taste, colour and aroma, underlined with notes of nutty caramel chocolate.

After years of growth within the area of coffee business and producing the highest class coffee blends, we are happy to start in 2015 our franchise sale of “Blue Bag Coffee House” in Europe. Maintaining the Gourmet taste in any product introduced to our clients, combining and promoting with savoury and sweet Gourmet food from local sources. We also specialise in coffee barista courses and maintain the brand of Blue Bag Coffee in Europe within the specialty coffee origins imported from all around the word, in order to give our clients a pleasure of many tastes.

We like salvaged and recycled materials and we use them for our furniture, utensils, decoration and life. We love helping locals to promote their outstanding food together with our Gourmet products . We believe in better quality of life while saving our environment. At our franchise of “Blue Bag Coffee Houses” we care for the people and we are open to them for better possibilities for life.

The franchise model we promote is based on a trendy-industrial organic and alternative place to be. Our main point is to serve real fresh gourmet coffee and share the aroma. By promoting the local economy in every place in the world where we open our coffee shops, we deliver 3rd wave generation in our franchises. We move social projects by sharing 0.03 % from our profits to broaden the human possibilities of each of our communities and partners we work with. A whole new industrial/trendy/comfort artistic style of the concept will be available soon in 3 continents.

We are looking for more open-minded people, like we are to expand our family, reach further and broaden our worldview.